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Learn to trade and earn $100.000 up to $2.000.000 worth of funding capital by trading with propfirms.

99% of people who start cryptocurrency and forex lose their money in the long run

Cryptocurrency and Forex are almost indispensable in society these days.

These are the markets where millionaires are made, or capital is destroyed. The truth is that 80% to 90% of investors lose money. This is because people hear the success stories and see that a lot of money is being made. After this, they often take the step to invest, only to find out later that they have bought at the peak and only lose. Often they remain loss-making for a long time and never make the real profits that they are “promised”.

This is one thing that is certain when you start trading:

It's not an easy road and you're likely to make losses without the right guidance. There is plenty of free information out there, yet most people don't make a profit. This is because the major investors know where you are buying or selling. This allows them to influence the price with their huge positions and push traders out of their positions or trick them into buying or selling.

It's like playing a match against the best players in the world, while you're just playing your first tournament. The trick is therefore to learn what those A-star players have done, and practise.

At Evolute Trading we do things differently

Thanks to the methods we use, you can become a successful investor or trader in the Cryptocurrency, Forex or stock market. Learn how to make fundamental analyses, analyze price accurately, manage your portfolio and achieve returns.

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What our traders say about us

Florian Feldberg

It has been 110% worth it!

I had 0 experience when I started. 3 months later I can say that I am well on my way to becoming a funded trader. Every time I struggle with something they are there for you! In short, the entire investment has been worth 110%.

Syb Driessen

Great community, good mentors and a lot of profit 🔥❤️

Marcus and Martijn are two kind, ambitious and great mentors. The community is great, filled with like-minded and ambitious people! I have learned a lot about forex and crypto over the past few months! I'm really glad I joined the community a few months ago!

Vera Verhoef

Amazing community

I like the community. I learned a lot and there is good guidance. The course is also very good and comprehensive. You won't regret this!


How Evolute can help you

The possibilities within trading are very diverse. By really getting the hang of it, you have a huge advantage over most people. That is why we provide our community with practical coaching. The optimal combination of theoretical and practical knowledge. Ultimately, this will potentially bring you a lot financially.

As the absolute center of education for trading, we help you in every possible area. From the technical components to profitable mindsets. Everything to give you every possible advantage that exists in this sector.

No get rich quick scheme, but long term strategies.

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In our package you will get acces to

Forex and crypto trading education, course and training as well as automated trading bots, expert advisors
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The daytrading & investing masterclass
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12 maanden months acces to the community
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Daily updates, trading calls and live sessions
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Access to 10 hours of educational content
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Weekly live trading sessions

But also...

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Forex, crypto and stock trades taken by us
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Market developments, daily and weekly outlooks.
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Education videos about investing, day trading and mindset.
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The possibility to ask us everything.
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Access to Evolute events in the Netherlands, Dubai, and abroad.
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But this is not yet everything....

Psychology & Mindset

Evolute never stands still. We know that new insights, concepts and strategies are constantly being developed. In such a dynamic world it is therefore important to always adapt. To always be looking for progress in trading, and your personal development.

By being at the forefront of trading, we pick up on all of this. On the forex and cryptocurrency market. We at Evolute teach you how to build a skill that you can use for the rest of your life.

Our methods teach you how to trade consistently on any market. Recognizing price patterns and following the Institutional order flow is our specialty. Learn to control your mindset and never trade emotionally again by applying some simple strategies.

I'm ready

Minimum investment, maximum returns!

Forex and crypto trading education, course and training as well as automated trading bots, expert advisors

Evolute Trading Elite


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Lifetime access to the daytrading course
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12 months access to the community
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Daily updates, market outlooks & more!
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lifetime access to the Psychology & Mindset course
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VIP access to Evolute events
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14 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Don't worry, you can also take a look first to see if you like it. You get a 14-day warranty from us, so you don't have to worry about anything. Please note that you can watch a maximum of 3 videos. Do you watch more videos and then ask for your money back? Then unfortunately we cannot honor this request. This has been abused a lot in the past. In de algemene voorwaarden you can find more about this.

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Some results from Evolute traders

Ik wil deze resultaten ook behalen!

The Evolute Trading Founders:



After a successful E-commerce career, Marcus decided to start day trading Forex and stocks. With this he brought in Funded accounts, and started teaching this to other people. With 3 years of experience in his pocket, he knows exactly what you should and should not do in the field of trading, mindset and strategies.



After achieving great success in business, Martijn had decided to dedicate himself to the Forex and FinTech market. Meanwhile he has 4 years of experience in Forex and Cryptocurrency trading, mindset and business. Currently he teaches at Evolute and manages capital in his Fund.

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Veel gestelde vragen (FAQ)

Het is ons opgevallen dat bepaalde vragen vaker terugkeren dan anderen. Met deze constatering in het achterhoofd, hebben we besloten om een FAQ-sectie te maken. Hieronder vind je een antwoord op je belangrijkste vragen:

Wat is Evolute?

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Evolute is een platform voor educatie wat trading betreft. Aan de hand van experts en een persoonlijke community ga je stap voor stap leren dat winstgevend traden mogelijk is.

Voor wie is trading geschikt?

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In de basis is trading voor iedereen geschikt. Mits je er interesse in hebt, bereid bent veel te leren en het als een optie voor de lange termijn ziet.

Op welke markten is trading bij Evolute van toepassing?

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Bij Evolute leren we je te traden in forex en crypto. Twee markten die momenteel bijzonder populair zijn.

Welk minimumbedrag is benodigd voor trading?

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Trading is met ieder mogelijk bedrag een optie. Je hoeft hier dus geen minimumbedrag aan spaargeld voor te hebben.

Begin je Evolutie